Cozumel scuba diving (drift and wall)

Where:  Island on the east side of the Yucatan Peninsula.  Cozumel only a  2 hour flight from Miami.  Second option would be to Fly into Cancun and travel 1 hour south to Playa del Carmen and take a 30 minute ferry over.

What:  Drift diving some incredible wall with many swim throughs. The reefs are a protected underwater park so it is teaming with life.

When:  Year round

Who:  Open water to Advanced divers most of the dives are deep.

Times:  2 tank boat dives leave at 8am.  They come back for lunch and do a shallow afternoon dive.

What you need to bring:  Bathing suit, sunglasses and certification card.  Bring your dive gear and if you forget anything the shops have any gear you need for rent.

Tip:  If you haven’t dove in a while do a warm up dive in cancun at the underwater museum, stop and dive in Playa del Carmen and enjoy the night life, then move onto the deeper Cozumel.  Stop back in Playa on the way back if you flew into Cancun and try diving  some of the fresh water springs (cenotes).  Each one is different from the entrances to the rock formations