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Where: Key Largo is about 1 hour south from Miami International Airport.

What:  When driving in from the mainland Key Largo is the first and Largest key.  It is home to the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.  It has lots of great dive sites and dive shops.  Unfortunately the keys although about 120 miles long have very limited beaches.  One the bright side what they do have is mangroves which provide a nursery for the fish that inhabit the coral reefs.  Key Largo has some great ship wrecks such as the USS Spiegel Grove , the Duane, Bibb and Benwood.

When:  Year round scuba diving.

Who: Family, couples and dive buddies

Times: Most tour operators do 2 tank boat dives that leave around 8am.  They come back for lunch and have another afternoon dive usually shallow.

What you need to bring: Bathing suit and towel.  Certification card.  Your dive gear but if you forget anything the full service dive shops have you covered.

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